Only people with dark personality traits stay friends with an ex-lover, says study

01/5 People with dark personalities stay friends with an ex: Study

Ending a relationship with a loved one isn’t easy. For many, what remains a Herculean task to achieve after a break-up is to decide whether to stay friends with the ex-partner or not? Those who were in a toxic relationship, deciding whether to stay in touch with an ex or not doesn’t need much thinking. However, some people do remain friends with their ex-partner and their number is quite high. However, a study has found some startling facts about people who remain in friendly terms with their former beaus.

02/5People with dark personality traits

The study conducted by Justin K Mogilski and Lisa L M Welling at Oakland University found that most people with dark personality traits remain friends with their ex-partner. Dark personality traits mostly include narcissism, lack of empathy, excessive pride and ego, a sense of grandiosity etc.

03/5​Reasons for remaining friends with an ex-partner

Around 860 participants nominated reasons for staying friends with an ex-partner. The researchers also found a disturbing truth–people with dark personality traits were more likely to stay in friendly terms with a former lover for sexual and practical reasons. Interestingly, more male contestants rated practical and sexual reasons for staying friends with an ex-partner as compared to women.

04/5​People who exploit their ex-lovers

As per the study abstract, which was published on Science Direct, “People who remain friends with an ex, may provide an opportunity for ex-partners to exchange desirable resources (e.g., love, status, information, money, sex) after romantic relationship dissolution.” There are many such cases of people exploiting their ex-partners using the inside information they have. While some do it for revenge; such an act gives others a sense of control and power.

05/5​Should you stay friends with your ex-lover?

This is a very difficult question to answer. But before you decide for or against it, just consider this point: Will it help you to move ahead and leave your past behind? And why do you want to be friends with an ex-partner? Answering these two questions and weighing the pros and cons will definitely help you to end this dilemma.