This 10-second massage can give relief from headache instantly

01/5 Try this miraculous massage

Imagine this- You have a pile of work that needs to be finished by the end of the day. While you are struggling to deal with the deadline, in the middle of the day, suddenly you experience a dull pain in your head, which keeps on growing. You try to focus on your work but cannot help worrying about your headache.

Headache can sneak in at any time of the day and can topple your schedule upside down. That throbbing pain attracts all your attention and all you want at that moment is to get relief from it anyhow. If headaches are a part of your daily routine then we have a simple remedy for you.

02/5 ​Why your head hurts often?

If headaches are a regular thing for you then the first thing that you must look for is your posture. Stiff shoulders, neck and jaw create tension in your head and make your upper body look droopy. This can be a possible reason for your frequent headaches.

03/5​How to get rid of the headache

The simplest way to get rid of the headache is by relaxing your jaw, which takes just 10-second. Yes, we are not kidding! The miraculous massage is called a masseter release.

04/5What is a masseter release?

Masseter release is a process of loosening your masseter muscle. The masseter is the thick muscle that connects our jawbone and our cheekbone. It plays a major role in chewing food. Clenching your jaw (that we do when we are stressed) can tighten the muscles, which is quite a common phenomenon.

A tight jaw, restrict the movement of other muscles in the head and neck, which can cause a headache.

05/5​The miraculous 10-minute massage

Step 1: Place your fingertips or knuckles on the masseter muscle.

Step 2: Open your jaw as much as you can and then close it. Apply some pressure with your fingers on the muscle.

Step 3: Repeat the same until you feel the muscle release.

Try this massage the next time your head starts hurting! It really works!